AKROSS Air filters

The coordinated operation of all systems of vehicle is needed for its uninterrupted and reliable operation. Air filters play an important role to make process real. This type of automotive filter helps purify the incoming air into the engine to create an air-fuel mixture. Automotive air filters remove by filtrating particles of atmospheric dirt, particles of abrasive outgrowth, harmful components from the environment. Due to this process, the amount of air, namely oxygen, which incoming to create an air-fuel mixture, increases and it has a positive effect on engine cycle life. The car owner will have to fork out for an engine overhaul in case of nonoperational status of an air filter, because of dust, dirt and other unfiltered particles will get into the power device that can lead to the outage of engine. In addition, every car owner should know and constantly remember that automotive air filters also are needed to protect peoples’ health. The absence of air filters in the air-conditioning system may affect the deterioration of a person’s physical condition and may even lead to disability.

In order to avoid such situation, you need to perform air filter replacement in-time, but you need to buy it first.

You should take a responsible approach to the purchase of the air filter, you need to know the following details:

Resistance (the greater the resistance is, the more it will be needed forces to overcome it, the consumption fuel will be high and engine power will reduce);

The exact size and dimensions of the automotive air filter (if there is a conflict with the size of even a few millimeters in comparison with the original one, it will have dire consequences for the engine).

Filtration level (which was provided by manufacturer). The level of operation of units and systems of the vehicle depends on the level of filtration.

If you found that your car has the following changes:

Reduced engine thrust;

Increased level of an air-fuel mixture;

Increased engine detonation;

Engine starts badly;

It all indicates the need of the immediate replacement of the air filter. You are able to buy an automotive air filter in our market at the best price.

Steps for the purchase of an automotive air filter in our online shop

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