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We produce care chemistry with the best ratio of price and quality, which your customer will want to buy again!
We also give our Partners the opportunity, reliability and service.

Why 20 regions of Russia work with us

As well as major distributors of Kazakhstan, Georgia,
Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

  • In 2010 year our own modern production was equipped with the laboratory of 4 stage quality control, which allows to gain quality and safe production and fast developing of new products;
  • The company has ISO Quality Management System;
  • Products are produced in beautiful and thoughtful packaging, which attracts additional attention of consumers;
  • Professional Logistic Department provides the client with timely delivery of products by Company’s own efforts;
  • Each distributor is assigned a personal manager who quickly solves all the questions raised and helps to organize and conduct marketing campaigns and programme for the development of territory.
  • All products are palletized according to the special technology, which allows to keep products safe even in open air;
  • We consult and conduct seminars for partners and sales representatives in order to improve knowledge about products advantages;
  • We have a lot of experience, we know, what sells well in the market and are ready to share our knowledge and experience with you.