Alfa Chem Group Ltd

The LLC “AlfaChemGroup” performs its services in the automotive chemistry market from 2010 y. In our work, we focus on successful European practices using modern production technologies.

Among our products you can find:

  • Engine and industrial oils;
  • Lubricants;
  • Filter elements;
  • Automotive shampoos;
  • Heat transfer oil;
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid;
  • Brake fluids.

The Company has the necessary industrial capacity to produce an automotive chemistry of various purposes up to 80 tons per a day. The such huge potential can be realized due to a wide partnership network, which includes representatives of domestic regions and large consulting groups of the near abroad. The product is bottled in canisters of our own production. This means, that we conduct quality control of production at all its stages.

Company’s advantages

The company successfully combines the traditions of quality production and the use of modern trends.

Here are some reasons why you should cooperate with us:

  1. AlfaChem Group Ltd has its own laboratory, there is held a strong verification of the production goods and it allows the Company to develop new samples of automotive chemistry.
  2. The Company has implemented an ISO (The International Organization for Standardization) quality management system.
  3. The trade mark is supplied in canister of our own design. The best experts work in this field.
  4. We use the algorithm of logistical operations for work with a client. Professional support and assistance are provided individually to each partner.
  5. The Company performs the promotion monitoring of the brand in a large market. The Distribution Department is engaged in promotions and various trade shows.

Partnership orientation is our main vector development. Therefore, Alfa Chem Group conducts regular information sessions, training courses and seminars that help increase the productivity of both company employees and representatives of partner companies. Leading distributors of chemicals have already established a trusting relationship with us. You are able to learn details of products by going to the Products tab.

Production of car chemistry

Automatic lines for filling coolants and lubricants. In total, the production capacity of our company today is set to produce 80 tons of finished products per day in a different range, which is 2,400 tons per month. The company has its own tank farm with a holding capacity of about 2000 tons per month, in which raw materials and finished products are stored. Our plant is equipped with machine-tool fleet for the production of its own plastic canisters.


Advanced laboratory controls the quality of coming raw materials, as well as finished products. In order to produce a quality product worthy of the market and meeting the requirements of the consumer, we work with world leaders in the chemical and industrial fields, such as: KazanOrgSintez,  Nizhnekamskneftehim, Sibur Neftehim, Stavrolen, Rosneft, Tatneft,. As well as foreign partners: BASF (Germany), AFTON CHEMICAL (Belguim). LUBRIZOL (France), NAFTAN (Belorus).


Equipped storage facilities allow you to store finished products. The capacity of one such warehouse is about 1200 pallet places. All products of Alfa Chem Group are packed in a corrugated box, which makes it possible  to stack them, as well as protect products against external factors. All products are palletized on the machine, that allows to transport products over long distances.