We have experience in the production of high-quality car chemistry. The Company has production areas, modern equipment, its own technological developments, a diverse raw material base, an organized 4-stage quality control system and qualified staff in order to offer contract manufacturing under your brand. We are ready to take the part in the development of your own brand at any stage, or to develop your idea to the finished product. In this case, you are exempt from creating of your own production and can only concentrate on sales.

If there is a need of private label or you would like to change some features of our products, whether it be color, viscosity or washing ability, then we are ready to help you. We can also give you piece of advise on the registration of the brand, the state registration of products in the customs union of Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and will provide you with all-round support.

About plant

Tank farm

2400 tons

of products per month

80 tons

of products per day

Manufacturing lines

Production of coolant

Cooling liquid
Antifreeze G-11
Antifreeze G-12

Oils production

Blending equipment

Production of AUS-32 reagent

Production of vehicle shampoos

Filling lines

Filling in canisters from 1L to 20L.

Filling barrels and Intermediate Bulk Container, IBC

All products are packaged in a corrugated box and palletized.

of your brand

Stable high-quality


Raw materials
of Leading Companies

Why 20 regions of Russia work with us

As well as major distributors of Kazakhstan, Georgia,
Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.